“I aim to touch you through my paintings”

I was born in Egypt into an artistic French speaking-Jewish family.

Due to war and persecution, my family fled to France, then Israel, on to Italy and back to Israel again.

All in all, I had a very eventful childhood. Being curious about nature and being a good observer and illustrator, I trained to become an interior designer after high school in Israel and Italy. I enjoyed practicing this field for several years.

Some 27 years ago, I came to the Netherlands with my family and settled in ‘t Gooi. From the very beginning, I was enchanted by the beauty of the magnificent nature, blessed with water, woods and heather. Since then, the passion to capture the mystery of the ever-changing seasons has never gone away.

The play between light and shadow, the explosion of colors at the end of summer, and the wondrous reflections on the water are a great source of inspiration.

My travels through various countries have also given me new insights and have led me to new perspectives.

I also enjoy painting portraits upon request. It is a constant challenge to capture the character and energy of the subject on canvas.

I am grateful to all my teachers. They taught me the skills and language of colors, providing me with a solid foundation for an adventurous journey. It is a never-ending learning process.

Painting is a lifelong search, a struggle between materials and my efforts.

And sometimes, if I’m lucky, I come out ahead for just a moment.


Dorith Katan Azérad



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